Business API: How to Edit WhatsApp Profile Details

Business API: How to Edit WhatsApp Profile Details

While using the WhatsApp Business API, you can edit the profile photo, business description, industry, website, and email address information that will be displayed to your customers on your business phone number's WhatsApp profile. We have listed the necessary steps.

  • First, go to and go to the "Business Settings" section.

  • Under Business Settings, go to Accounts and select WhatsApp Accounts.


  • On the menu that opens here, select the relevant account and click the "WhatsApp Manager" button that is under the Settings tab in the section on the right.

  • On the new tab that opens, find the relevant phone number and click the "Settings" button on the right.

  • You can fill in all the information by going to the "Profile" section on the page that opens. A preview will also be seen here on the right.

Logo sizes should be min. 300x300, max 1000x1000 and in .jpg or .png format.


  • When you enter all the details and click the "Save" button at the top right, the information will be visible in a few minutes.


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