How to Create a Project on CLU

How to Create a Project on CLU

  1. Create an account from Azure Portal or if you already have one please log in.

  2. To be able to create an AI Provider on MB, you need to have endpoint, subscription key, project name, deployment name, training model name and language. From Azure Portal, go to your language resource. In Keys and Endpoints, you will find Key 1 which is subscription key and endpoint url.

  3. Go to Language Studio. To create a new project first, you need to have a Azure Subscription and Resource. (Note: Resource type must be Language) Please select the already existing ones. If you don’t have an account you can create a new one with following create a free account link.

  4. If you don’t have a resource please go Azure Portal and create a new language with clicking on Language or click on the link that below of Select an Azure resource window.

      5 .After selecting Done, please click on Create new project. Type project name and primary language and select Create. This will be your project name on Configurations. Note: Turkish option doesn’t work for now, it gives error on Training.

      6. Language must be in Language Tag (BCP 47) format. You can get related tag from here. For example, if you have selected English(United States) option while creating project, you need to type en-US to language on Configurations.
      7. You can create Training Model from Training Jobs with clicking on Start a training job. Note: To get an success from training, you must have at least one intent and this intent must have at least one utterance. You can get training model name from here.

      8. Before adding a new deployment, you must train your model successfully at least once. If you don’t have any Add deployment button will be deactivated. To create a new deployment, go to Deploying a model and click on Add deployment. Select you trained model and click on Deploy. This will be your deployment name

Note: training model and deployment model need to be the the same values you will provide when creating the AI integration on MindBehind panel.

Mindbehind Panel

  1. Please enter the Mindbehind home page and select company from the left handside

      2. On the Company page select the company where you want to add the AI integration for CLU.
      3. Please select the AI / NLP option from the company panel.

      4. After pressing add AI button, select ADD CLU

  1. After selecting configurations, please fill in the table below

Note: Please refer to “How to Create a Project on CLU” point 2 for gathering the values needed above.

      6. After successfully adding the credentials you will be able to see the CLU provider in the list:

Congratulations! Now you are able to use the newly added CLU Provider in the assistants you create.

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