Commerce Manager for Live

Commerce Manager for Live

Clicking on the e-commerce button on the chat screen to open the catalog tab.

Commerce managers belonging to the company are listed on the tab. First of all, relevant commerce manager must be selected.

Then you will be prompted to select the catalogs belonging to the commerce manager.

After selecting the catalog; body, footer and button text fields are activated. In addition, if the total number of products is more than 1, the header field is activated.

  • Body text is required for multi-products and single product. It should be less than 1024 characters.
  • Footer text is optional and should be less than 60 characters.
  • Header text is required for multi-products and should be less than 60 characters.
  • Button text is optional and should be less than 20 characters. The default is View for the single product and View items for multi-product.

After filling in the required information, please click the + button to add a new section.

After selecting the section, you will see the section title field and products below. Enter the section title. From the product list, you can choose one or multiple products.

  • The section Title text is required for every section.
  • Minimum 1 and maximum 10 Sections can be created.
  • Each section should have at least 1 and at max 10 products, with a maximum of 30 products total across all sections.

The products belonging to the selected catalog are listed. Products are added to the selected section by marking the products.

No new selection is allowed when the total product limit is exceeded. In order to make a new selection, you need to remove one from the previously selected products.

After filling in the relevant fields and selecting the products, you can send a single or multi-product message by clicking the send button.

Close button is used to close commerce manager tab. Your configurations are not deleted when you click it.

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