Generative AI: Dictionary & Keys

Generative AI: Dictionary & Keys

What are dictionary & keys?

Dictionary is a feature of Generative AI, which is designed to show texts in multiple fields and update those text with only one action into those multiple fields. Keys are the pointers that we use into Gen AI Knowledge Base texts in order to call values of keys. So, values are the responses of the keys which will be shown into the user.

Sample format:

Dictionary1; {{key1}} = {{value1}}

How to use keys & values in GenAI?

1) Create a resource as “Dictionary” in knowledge base management pages

Please define a key name and key value.

2) Create or edit a resource with key name

Please write the key name in the correct format as {key-name}. You can use correct format in the sentences. In the related questions, GenAI answers will be shown as including key value into the sentece.

Output of given example:

Question: What is the price of 1 kg apple? GenAI Answer: Price of 1 kg apple is $3.6. You can find fresh and tasty apples in our store.

How to update dictionaries in automatic way?

It is possible to edit dictionaries by using automated solutions. Mindbehind has its external endpoints in order to make it possible to edit, fix prices/links etc without human effort, instantly.

Please visit “Generative AI Endpoint Calls” page in order to understand usage details of endpoints.

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