How Can I Add a Department to My Company on MindBehind Live?

How Can I Add a Department to My Company on MindBehind Live?

Departments and Adding Departments

Departments is the field that specify the departments that belong to the company and which departments the agents will work in. Here are details about the department name, department description, department agents, and working hours.

To add a department; click on "create department" button. On the screen that appears, the department name, description, agents to work in the department, and (if preferred) the channel selection is made to be the source of future conversations to that department. Working hours and days, and department messages can also be defined and saved.

"Channels" indicates which channel that department will receive a conversation from like WhatsApp, Web Messenger, Instagram….

"Timeout" refers to the time it takes for the conversation to end if it is not answered. For example: If 5 seconds (format min:sec) is selected, the conversation will automatically terminate after 5 seconds if it is not answered. In order for this period to work, there has to be message exchange between the agent and the customer.

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