How Can I Add Agents to My Company on MindBehind Live?

How Can I Add Agents to My Company on MindBehind Live?

Agents are the team members who will handle the conversations. Agents tab contains the name and email information of the agents who will conduct live conversations within the company and the status and account type (authorization) details.


To add agents; use "Add Agent" button. On the screen that appears, write the email addresses of the agents and press enter to add multiple agents. Once you click on “add agents”, an activation email will be sent to the added agent. Clicking on the link in this email changes the user status from "pending" to green (active).


To edit agent details; Under Actions, click on "configure" button. The display that appears contains agent name and email information, as well as the Department and Conversations tab. Here, department information refers to the department in which the agents will be assigned and can be selected more than once. Conversations refer to how many conversations that agent can conduct at the same time.

Please note that conversations will not be assigned to agents if department and conversation field are left blank.

Agents do not have to be added as users. Users may be considered as accountable for actions such as, performance monitoring, reporting, etc. For this reason, they can access the homepage and reporting pages together with admin rights.

Agents however, are employees who will handle live conversations for the company (e.g. Customer Service Representative). Therefore, you can only see the Live screen (see 3. Live Screen) and they can have conversations there. They do not have reporting or admin rights.



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