How to Use Language Detection

How to Use Language Detection

What is Language Detection Module for?

This module is created for detecting the language of user input. It is possible to detect language and send the user to different flows according to the language of the input.

How to use Language Detection Module?

1) Add an input module to your flow

Input module needs to be added just before Language Detection Module. This way, we guarantee that Language Detection will get the message of user as an input and work on that input. Unless, Language Detection may not work properly.

2) Set Input Type as β€œany”.

Any other changes is not needed to run Language Detection Module.

3) Create a Language Detection Module

4**) Connect the input module to your Language Detection Module**

5) Arrange Language Detection Module according to the need:

a) Select one or more languages according to which ones you want to detect.

You can use β€œ+” icon to add a new language and its connection.

b) Set and select a connection for each of the languages that you want to detect. So when selected language is detected, flow with continue across the selected module.

You can use drop down menus to select language for detection and connection for action after that language is detected.

c) Set a module for fallback scenarios. Fallback will be followed if no language detected among selected ones.

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