How to Add a Line Channel

How to Add a Line Channel


Before publishing the bot on your LINE channel, please follow the following steps.

1. Please login onto the Line developers dashboard

2. After Successfully logging in, please select the line channel that you have created on your line business account

Incase it is not stated in the recently visited channels, please select the relevant provider and you will be redirected to another window.

You can select the channel from this window.

3. On Basic settings page and scroll down to the bottom of the page
Please note down the `channel secret`!

4. Next, please click on messaging api from the tabs on the top of the page

5. When you scroll down in this window you will find `channel access token`

Please create a **`channel access token`**, and note down this value! It will be used later on.

6. Now that we have all the relevant values, lets go to the webhook settings

7. Turn on the Use webhook feature.
Webhook Messaging URL may be differ between different clusters.
 The channel secret is the value you noted in step 5!

With the steps above completed, we have finalised the prerequisites of setting up a line channel! Lets move on to publish a mindbehind bot onto the channel.

Setting up the bot:

1. Go to MindBehind platform.

2. Select “Companies” from the left side of the screen.
3. Choose the company that you have created and want to assign the bot to.

4. Click on Channels.

5. Click the Connect button for LINE.

6. Enter a Name for the Line channel you have created.
7. Enter the Channel Secret and Channel Access Token.
(Please refer to steps 4 and 5 of Prerequisites)
8. Press connect after entering all the values.

9. After creating the channel, Go to the assistant from the company window(refer to step 3), if you do not have an assistant create one and then open the assistant.
10. Right on the top click ‘Publish’.
11. In section ‘Channels’ you can see your pages that you added.

12. For the last step, please click the ‘Deployments’ section and press add deployment.

13. Select your channel.
14. Select the assistant version and press “Publish”.

Congratulations! Your bot is running on your LINE account.

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