How to Add Generative AI Provider

How to Add Generative AI Provider

This document is created to explain how to add an AI provider for Generative AI

1) Select the AI Provider Type

User can add 2 types of subscription for Generative AI. First is MB Subscription. It is basically the deployment models of MindBehind. Second type is, Custom Subscription which means user needs to record his/her own Subscription keys.

2) Adding MindBehind Subscription

MindBehind Subscription can be added simply, by giving a name and pressing save button. There is no need for any other action. Users need to be careful about they do not have another subscription with same name.

3) Adding Custom Subscription

  1. Give a unique name for your AI Provider Integration.
  2. Add Minimum Requirements for deployments

User need to have own subscription information from Azure Open AI portal :

For the minimum requirements, user needs to add 3 different sources.

  1. GPT 3.5-turbo for Generative AI Model
  1. Text-embedding-ada-002 for Vector Search
  1. Text-davinci-003 for Intent Detection

For each different deployment, user needs to give inputs such as: 

  1. Deployment Name
  1. Resource Name
  1. Endpoint
  1. Azure Open AI Key

c) Add Extra Deployments to increase performances by reducing load.

User can add more resources than 3 required ones. If the user increases the deployments, than the load will be distributed and performance will increase. It is only recommended in heavy loaded traffics.

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