How to connect a chatbot to Facebook Messenger

How to connect a chatbot to Facebook Messenger

To publish your chatbot on your Facebook page, make sure that you are admin of this page as a first. To check your role 

  1. Go to the settings of the page 
  2. On the left find ‘Page Tasks’ or ‘Page Roles’
  3. Check your role whether it is ‘Admin’. If not, please ask admin of the page to change your role.


    How to connect your Facebook page to MindBehind? 

    1. Go to MindBehind platform 

    2. Choose company that your assistant belongs to

  4. Click channels icon 

      4. Click Connect button for Facebook Messenger
      5. Log into your Facebook account 

      6. Click Edit settings 

      7. Select your Facebook pages that you want to use in MindBehind 

      8. Choose on which page you want to publish your chatbot. You can select more than one page and add them at the same time  

          9. Go to your assistant 

          10. Right on the top click ‘Publish’

          11. In section ‘Channels’ you can see your pages that you added. When you click Preview button, it opens the page on Messenger in a new tab. 

          12. For the last step, please click ‘Deployments’ section. 

            13. Click Add Deployment button 

            14. Select your channel and assistant version and click Publish button. You can publish the same chatbot on different Facebook pages. But you cannot publish more than one chatbot on the same Facebook page. 

            15. Now you can say hi to your bot running on your Facebook page! 

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