How to Create a Facebook Business Manager (FBM)

How to Create a Facebook Business Manager (FBM)


The first thing you need to do is go to the Facebook Business Manager (FBM). Go to site and your business page. If you haven't opened an account yet, open an account for your business.

Here, we recommend that an email address be opened in the form of, etc. When performing these operations, all can be managed through this address. This will ensure that the entire process is managed from one place and act independently of email addresses linked to a person.



From the menu on the left, choose Business Settings.




Under Business Settings, choose Business Information. You will need to enter information about your business in the form you see here.


Business Verification Status indicates whether your business has been verified. To get a WhatsApp Business API, you need to verify your business. If you haven't verified your account yet, here are the steps for verification:


  • Click See Details.


When you click See Details, you'll see Security Center. Here you need to add at least one more admin for your business. You should make sure that the admin you add and the extension in your email addresses (the part after @) are the same as the extension on your business's website.

In order for the "Start Verification" button to be active here, it is very important to follow the steps of "Add Applications and "Domain Verification" below. When these steps are completed, business verification processes can be initiated.

  • Change the Two-Factor Authentication feature to 'Everyone'.
  • After you complete these settings, the Start Verification button at the bottom left should be activated. If you haven't created an app for your business before, you won't see this button at this stage. Follow these steps to create an app

Select Apps from the menu on the left, and then press Add.



Select Create a New Application Code.


Select Manage Business Integrations, and then continue.


Complete the process by filling out the last form.


The name you give your app or other features of the app won't be important in the process of verifying the business.

  • For domain verification operations; click the "Brand Safety" button in the navigation menu on the left.

Click "add" here to start the process. You can follow Facebook's guide for the process here: Facebook Domain Verification. After completing this process, your domain verification will be done.

After completing these stages, use the navigation menu on the left to go back to the Business Information. Click See Details. Here, you will see the button needed to start verification. You can start verification by using this button. Here are the tips for verification:

  • Tax Plate: The current tax plate must be installed here. The business title, address, communication, etc. information written on the tax plate should be exactly the same as the information entered into Facebook Business Manager (FBM) and the information on your business website . E.g. ABC SOFTWARE LTD. STI.
  • Invoices: Current electricity, water, natural gas, etc. invoices/bills should be added here. We recommend that you include the invoice for the phone number in the contact information on your website. The trade title on these invoices must be exactly the same as the title on the tax plate. Additionally, if there is already an invoice for a payment to Facebook, it can also be uploaded.
  • Website information: The website must be secure (https). The contact information used on the website should be added to the FBM in the exact same way. The domain name and the website must match the email address used for FBM process. If a different domain is to be used, it must be proven to be linked to your company. For example: shown in "Our Brands" section, etc.

When completing this process, it should be preferred to perform verification by email (such as Validation will begin when the incoming verification code is entered in the relevant field in the FBM.

You will be notified by email when your business is verified. You can also view your business verified as follows:


If the FBM is not verified, the rejection reasons will be communicated by email. The shortcomings here can be fixed and then you can reapply. However, if verification is still not achieved, Facebook support teams can be contacted.



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