How to create Zendesk Chat Integration

How to create Zendesk Chat Integration


On the company management page, go to Channels section to see Zendesk. Click on connect.


As you see in the overview, you should be registered to Zendesk to create this integration.  Login to your Zendesk account.

After logging in, in the settings, you'll see Chat in the Channels section or you can click on the Zendesk Products icon to go to Chat. Select either to go to Zendesk Chat.


In Zendesk Chat page, select Account from the settings again.


zendesk Add api

Here, we want to get a Client ID. In the account, you should select the API & SDKs.


Click on Add API client button. Here you'll see a form that you need to fill. Client name and Company parts are for your free texts but since your customers will see that, you might want to choose meaningful words. Redirect URL is provided for you in the first form that appeared in MindBehind, in the overview part. Copy that URL and paste it here. 


As you click on Create API client, you'll receive a client ID and client secret. Copy the client ID here.


Paste the client ID that you copied to here. Sub Domain is the first part of the URL before As an example, if the URL is , you should enter ''subdomainishere'' to the form and click on LOG INTO ZENDESK.
Zendesk will ask your confirmation here. Make sure that you allow the access.


When you click on Allow, Zendesk will direct you to MindBehind and you'll name this channel. You can give any name you wish.


And your integration with Zendesk Chat is ready! Now you can add deployments and use your Zendesk channel right away :)



Please go to the settings in Zendesk-Chat menu bar and select the “Agents”.


Add your team member from the “Add Agent” button. After you finish it, make sure that your recently added agents “Enabled” status is checked.


Now you can select the “Departments” title under the settings. Please add your department, and also make sure that your department is enabled.


Go to MindBehind page click the company icon. Select the “Channels” tab and find your Zendesk integrated channel. Under the actions column, click the update icon.


Now, you can select your department that you created recently in Zendesk, on the “Handover Department” field.


Please note that you need to select "Channel Handover" in Human action.

After you save it, you successfully handover your Zendesk channel :)

Don't forget to add your Zendesk channel as deployment. To add a new deployment please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your assistant's map. Click the "Publish" button which is on the right top corner. 
  2. Click the "Deployments" tab and select "ADD DEPLOYMENT".
  3. Select your Zendesk channel and the assistant version you prefer. Now you can publish :)




If you want to hand over to a specific department rather than the one you selected in the “Channels->Update” part, then you should specify the "departmentID" that you want to hand over inside the “Human Action” module in your assistant’s map.

On your assistant page, after you click the “Human Action” then you should click the “Action Parameter” button on the bottom and you can enter the handover department id here as metadata. It should have the key as “zendeskDepartmentID” and the value as the id of your department in Zendesk. If you have any problems getting the id of the department in Zendesk please contact us for help.



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