How to Integrate CraftGate

How to Integrate CraftGate

CraftGate is an app that acts as a bridge between companies and banks. It has a structure where these transactions can be managed through a common panel for different POS or methods in payment transactions. For more information check their website

We are using their “Payment by Link” solution for now.

After the registration process in CraftGate or if you have already registered, please go to MindBehind and select your company from the “Companies” tab.

Click the “Integrations” tab and add the “CraftGate” integration. 

Please fill in the related fields in the CraftGate Integration pop-up.

To fill the  "API Key" and the "Secret Key" fields, please go to the CraftGate panel. Click the “API Authorization Management” under the “Management”

If there is no previously created API authorization on this page, a new one must be created with the "Create API Authorization" button.

In the pop-up that opens, it is necessary to name and give the necessary permissions.

When you click on the "Create API authorization" button, you should see the "API Authorization" as below. 

Paste the API key and Secret Key information of the created api authority to the relevant places on the integration page. And click “ADD INTEGRATION” button. After this process, you should be able to see your newly created integration under the integrations tab.

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