How to Make Video Calls on MindBehind Live

How to Make Video Calls on MindBehind Live

MindBehind Live uses DailyCo, a third-party program, so you can video chat with your customers. Therefore, you must first create a user account for this program:

  • Go to and click on the "sign up" button.


  • Enter the necessary information in the window that appears, and complete the process.


  • After completing the registration process, enter the following information. You can choose the domain name yourself.


  • After completing this process, go to the Developers tab in the home screen. Save the information in the "API key" field that appears here.


  • Then go to the Rooms tab and select any room. Copy the information where it says "ID".


  • After completing the process here, log in to MindBehind Live and go to the "Marketplace" heading in the navigation column on the left, and select Dailyco.


  • Select your company name on the screen that appears, and click the "Next" button.


  • Fill in the relevant fields in the next step. Paste the ID you received on the Rooms tab in DailyCo into the URL field. Paste the API Key information you received on the Developers tab in Dailyco into the API field and click the Save button.


  • Congratulations! Integration is completed. You can now use the video call feature. 

To do this, go to the MindBehind Live Agent Panel and find the integration name you entered earlier in the profile tab.


  • Clicking the "Start Video Conversation" button will send a link to your customer in the conversation, and a tab will open on the right side for the agents. Enter the information here and click on the "Join Meeting" button, and the conversation will start. Likewise, customers will be able to participate in this conversation when they click on the link that they receive.



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