How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)? How to Complete Embedded Sign Up?

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)? How to Complete Embedded Sign Up?

Prerequisites: To take these actions, your company must have a Facebook Business Account and you must have admin authority on that Facebook Business Account.

If you don't have a Facebook Business Account, the WhatsApp Business API setup won't be accomplished. To set up your Facebook Business Account, you can review our relevant guide: How to Create a Facebook Business Manager (FBM)?

If the WhatsApp application is installed on the phone number where the WhatsApp Business API is intended to be installed > This account should be removed from the application by following the Settings>Account>Delete account steps. Otherwise, WhatsApp Business API setup cannot be performed.

To complete the process here, the Facebook Business Account does not have to be approved as "verified". The process can be completed even if it is not approved, and the WhatsApp API can be set up and used. However, there are messaging limits that Meta applies, please click here for further details.  You can find the necessary steps for creating and varifying a Meta Business Account in our corresponding guide: How to Create a Facebook Business Manager (FBM)?

  • Once the agreement process is complete, the MindBehind team will create a company on your behalf in the relevant systems. Then, as a first step, you will receive an invitation e-mail with your company name. When you click the "Accept This Invitation" button here, you must register on the page that opens:

The page you are registering will be However, you must log in to to complete your WhatsApp Account Opening.

  • Once the registration process is complete, click here and log in to MindBehind WhatsApp Portal with the username and password you created.

  • On the page that loads, under Accounts, click the "Create a New Account" button:

  • In the pop-up window, select your company and click "Next":

  • In the next step, enter a name for this account under Account Name. This name may be the same as your company name.  Then click the "Log Into Facebook" button.

The phone number here must be the phone number that you will install the WhatsApp Business API to. Fill in the phone number section without a country code at the beginning. E.g. "8502223333".

  • After clicking the "Log into Facebook" button, scroll through the pop-up window with "Continue as <Your Name>"

To complete these and subsequent steps, you must have admin authority on your company's Facebook Business Account.

  • Scroll through by clicking the "Get Started" button:

  • Proceed with "Continue":

  • In the next step, select your company's Facebook Business Account:

Alternatively, you can create a new Facebook Business Account by selecting "Create new Facebook Business Account". If you choose this, you will then need to complete the verification of this business account. You can review our guide for these operations: How to Create a Facebook Business Manager (FBM)?

  • In the next step, you will need to create a WhatsApp Business Account under your Facebook Business Account, which you selected in the previous step. To do this, you must enter the details on the following screen:

    Legal Business Name: Write the Title on Your Tax-Plate
    Business Phone Number: This must be the phone number contained in your company information in Facebook Business Account (Your WhatsApp number and this phone number may vary)
    Business Website: Your company's website address must be typed
    Your business email address: This should be the company email address on your website

The information that will is filled here must match the official business information and existing Facebook Business Account information.

  • Add address information for your business and proceed with "Continue" (this is optional).

  1. Create a new WhatsApp Business account or select your existing WhatsApp Business account

  • Enter "WhatsApp account name, Display Name, Timezone and Business Category".

"Display Name" is the name that will appear on the profile of your WhatsApp number. If the name to be seen here is different from the official business name, a new name can be entered by checking the "My display name is different from my legal business name" box.

When this step is preferred, Facebook requests proof of the name to enter here. This evidence can also be provided by a link under the website of the original business.


In Business Profile, select the industry which your company is in from the drop-down menu. This industry information is the information that will be shown to your customers in the WhatsApp profile section of your phone number." Business Description" is the description of the industry you have selected. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended to fill it. After filling in the information, continue the next steps.

  • In the next step, enter the number you are embedding:

This step is very important for verifying WhatsApp Business Account. Here, a 6-digit code will be sent to this phone number by Facebook via an SMS or call. Therefore, this phone number must be open for overseas* calls or SMS reception.

At the same time, if there is an IVR system connected to this phone number, it will not be able to be met on this system when the call arrives. To avoid this, you need to temporarily disable the IVR system or route calls from the United States to a phone number that you can temporarily access. When "Voice Call" is selected in the screenshot below, a call will come to this phone number and the code will be automatically read on the incoming call.**

*: Sent with US country code (+1, 1, 01, 001, 0001). Therefore, the phone number must be able to receive this call.

**: In this call, which will be "Your verification code is 123456", it is very important to get the 6-digit code correctly and note it.

  • Enter the code that you received based on the selection you made in the previous step:

If an incorrect code is entered here, you can request the code again. However, Facebook will not allow you to request a new code for 2 hours after your third attempt. You can try again after 2 hours. However, if the wrong code is entered again, this period can be up to 24 hours.

  • Click the "OK" button in the last step and save the number.

  • Your number will now be visible on MindBehind WhatsApp Portal:

After completing all these steps, your account will be active within an average of 3 days.


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