How to set up Facebook Catalog for WhatsApp Business API

How to set up Facebook Catalog for WhatsApp Business API

How to create Catalog?

1- Login to Business Manager of Facebook, select “Business Account info” and click to “Go to Business settings

2- On the new page that opens, click the "Commerce Account" and then click the "Open on Commerce Manager" button.

3- On the new page that opens, you will see the catalogs you have created before. Click on your account and then click on the "View all" button from the pop-up that opens.

4- You can create a new catalog on the page that opens. Click the "Add catalog" button.

5- Select your catalog type and click to “Next” button.

6- Configure your settings, set a name for you catalog and then click to “Create” button.

7- After the catalog setup is complete, click the "View Catalog" button.

8- Congratulations! your catalog is ready. 🙂

How to add products to the catalog?

1- Click the "Add items" button in the upper right corner to add products to your catalog.

2- Select your product adding method on the screen that opens and continue by pressing the "Next" button.

How to Add Items to Your Catalog Manually

How to Upload Items to Your Catalog with a Data Feed File

How to Upload Items to Your Catalog with Partner Platform

How to Upload Items to Your Catalog with Pixel

3- Congratulations! Now you can view your products in the catalog.🎉

Connect a catalog to your WhatsApp Business account

1- Login and visit Business setting page, click to “WhatsApp Accounts”, select your WhatsApp Business Account, click “Settings” then click to “WhatsApp Manager”.

2- Click "Overview" on the screen that opens and click "Catalog".

3- Click the "Choose a Catalog" button on the screen that opens, select the catalog you have prepared and click the "Connect Catalog" button.

4- Congratulations! Your catalog and your WhatsApp account are matched. ✨

For more information please click here to check Facebook documentation.

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