How to Set Up Voting for WhatsApp

How to Set Up Voting for WhatsApp

Whatsapp vote is a voting system developed for users to be able to rate WhatsApp conversations.

How to set it up

  1. After logging into Mindbehind, go to your company from the “Companies” on navigation panel.

  1. Go to "Channels" tab on company management page and find WhatsApp Channel and click on "star" icon.

If you don't have this channel, please check our guide for details.
  1. Next, you'll be prompted with a pop-up. Here, you must fill in the information asked. On the settings, Vote Name, Vote Message, and Vote Link fields are mandatory, Vote Image is optional, and you can put the company logo here. Note that the maximum size of the image to be shown is 275 by 100. Once all information is filled in, click "Save" to make sure all details are saved successfully.

  1. You'll be notified once saved

How to use Voting for WhatsApp Channel


  1. You can configure voting for WhatsApp channel beforepublishing your bot. Click here to see how to publish your bot to a selected channel. Select the rating mode and then click publish.

MindBehind Live

  1. Voting for WhatsApp can also be implemented on MindBehind Live to collect voting data for live conversations. Go to MindBehind Live and find "Departments" under Company Management and click configurations icon

  1. Next, go to "Deployments" section and select WhatsApp Channel. There, you'll find the configurations for voting. Set it up according to your requirements and save.

Receive Feedback

  1. Once all set, your customers will receive a message based on the details on your voting configurations. At the end of this message, there will be a unique URL that will guide your customers to vote for your services.

  1. On this page, customers can vote by using either faces or numbers based on the configurations you made. Adding a comment is optional

Votes can be displayed on detailed report on MindBehind Live. Click here to see how.


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