How to Use Bot Action

How to Use Bot Action

Action usage

Bot action is used to forward the message to sub bot to achieve re-usability and to build up simple and clear bots. You will need to drag and drop it to your assistant canvas (or simply click on it from actions menu):

Then you will need to choose the sub assistant and its version you want to forward the conversation to, then the connection to the next action after the sub assistant returned to the current assistant.


The bot will always stop the flow in the parent bot and continue the flow in the sub bot. Whenever the sub bot reached the end action, it will return to the main bot and the flow will continue there.

Defining a delay for this action will delay the forward process to sub bots concluding delays in processing its actions.

You can go deep as you want in sub bots, but be careful that whenever you want to return to parent bot you should use end action and not bot action again or you may find your bot in loops that never end. So always go deep through bot action, and return back through end action.

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