How to Use Callout Feature for Web Messenger

How to Use Callout Feature for Web Messenger

Enable Call Out

By sliding the toggle in the web messenger editor, the user can choose whether the call out will appear or not.

Call Out Text

Text: Includes a limit of 150 characters that will be the main call out message.

Background Start Color & Background End Color: Set the background gradient, if you want an even background (same color background) then select the same color in both fields.

Text Color: The color of the text.

Call Out Triggering

Delay Trigger: Enable or disable the Call Out Triggering

Delay In Seconds: The time in seconds before the Call Out appears

Typing Icon

Typing: You can set the typing icon to show or not show in the web messenger editor.

Background color: The color of the background.

Delay in seconds: Typing icon animation will start after the given delay.

Button Selection

Button Selection: If you want to show the buttons, enable the button by sliding the toggle in the web messenger ediyor.

You can add more buttons by pressing the + icon.

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