How to Use Human Action

How to Use Human Action

Action usage

Human action is used to handover the conversation to the live agent. The handover configuration is defined for each channel in the channels section when you navigate to your company profile page.

So to use this action its enough just to drag and drop it to your design canvas (Or simply click on it in actions menu).


Also, you can optionally choose a name for your human action and put some notes.


Whenever the assistant flow passes this action, the conversation will be handed over according to the channel handover configuration.

Defining a delay for this action will delay the handover process.




Internal Handover: This action can be used to forward the conversation to the department that is configured on MindBehind Live. Once the department is selected, the agents can take over the converastion on MindBehind Live agent panel.

Important note: If the assistant is published with Human Action and relevant department is selected on Internal Handover, the respected channel should be removed on department configuration on MindBehind Live.





Channel Handover: This action can be used to forward the conversation to external channels that are integrated with MindBehind (check Integrations for further details) and support live chat. 




Note: Some channels don't support handover, so using this action for these channels will do nothing from the user side, and the system will send you an email for wrong or empty handover configuration.

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