How to use links

How to use links

What is IG.ME Links?

It provides a way to create a link where users can directly access the instagram dm box.

How to create IG.ME Links?

  1. Go to Your MindBehind Company
  2. Click on Channels and scroll to your INSTAGRAM Channel
  3. Click on the IG.ME Link icon

      4After clicking the IG.ME link, a new url extension should be created in the referral text field.

      5. After the desired url text is written, the generated button should be clicked.

      6. After clicking the generated button, the link is created.

      7. The link is copied with the shortcut copy button in this area.

      8. The created link can be directed to users with an application such as WhatsApp.

      9. By clicking on this link, the user is directed to the generated url.

IG.ME Links Limitations


  • Only alphanumeric characters and '- ' , '_' , '=' are supported.
  • The referral parameter must not exceed 2,083 characters in length.
  • Ice Breaker settings must be set for this feature to work. (see also: here)
  • Works only for iOS and Android version 235 and above.
  • Not supported for WebApp.


If a customer clicks on the link and selects Ice Breaker or sends a message, users can view the referral URL in detailed reports.
Here are some ways you can use links:
  1. Use links + QR code on product packaging to allow people to reach out to you for support or get a coupon towards the next purchase.
  2. Use + QR code on out of home advertising such as billboards, TV ads, physical stores to sign up for membership accounts.
  3. Use links on the Contact Us page on a website to allow people to contact you via messaging instead of relying on calling.
  4. Provide callers an option to message you on Instagram by sending a link with via SMS.

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