How to Use MindBehind Live Mobile App?

How to Use MindBehind Live Mobile App?

The MindBehind Live Mobile App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store under the name "MindBehind Live". Thanks to this application, company agents can also access the Agent Panel and manage conversations on mobile devices.



Conversations assigned to agents can be viewed in this section. Conversations up to the number of assigned by company administrators (users with admin rights) can be seen here.

Here, the icon next to the conversations indicates the channel through which the conversation came from. For example, conversations from the Web Messenger and WhatsApp channels will appear with different icons.

When a conversation is assigned, a notification appears, even if the agent is not in the MindBehind Live Mobile app.





Clicking on the chat can make the conversations, and the conversation actions appear next to the message writing pane.

This pane includes areas for forwarding conversation to someone else, sending files, sending conversation information, sending locations, adding a tag, and adding emojis while the conversation is in progress.

The conversation is terminated by clicking the power button in the upper right corner and selecting the conversation tag.




When you click the plus sign on the left side of the conversation, several actions that can be taken to handle the conversation easier and make it more personalized are found.


  repliesBy clicking the Quick reply button, one of the quick answers can be added by their categories that are predefined by admins on company management page.

By clicking the conversation forwarding, the relevant conversation can be forwarded to different agents or departments that are online.

Important note: In order for the conversation to be forwarded, the agent that this conversation will be forwarded to must be online.

By clicking the Information button, the conversation ID, the agent ID and agent name to which the conversation is assigned are displayed. In the History section, actions taken on the conversation can be viewed step by step.

Agents can also assign tags to a conversation. These tags are predefined by admins on company management page.





With the performance button, agents can access performance scores instantly. This includes in-queue conversation, number of conversations completed, first response time, average conversation time, and customer satisfaction survey results.










Past conversations can be found by specifying date and search criteria using the conversation search button.

When criteria are entered and searched, past conversations can be accessed through the screen below. Here you can see the information about which channel the speech came from and on what date, as and the details of the conversation.









In the Settings pane, agents can set their online – offline status and edit password information. It is also necessary to use this place to log out.

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