How to Use Payment Action

How to Use Payment Action

Before using Payment Action, please make sure that you have at least one digital payment solution from the Integrations section under the company settings. You can find more details about adding Masterpass Integration to your company by clicking here.


To use Payment Action, you'll need to select a Payment Gateway from the payment integrations you added to your company. After selecting it, we'll be listing the branches that you've added for this gateway. You should select the particular branch you'd like to use. These two sections are compulsory to fill.


Amount to Pay is basically the amount of the money that will be transacted, and this section is also compulsory to fill. Enter the amount by putting a dot (.)to show decimal numbers (like $99.90) if needed.

Product Name is required for PayTR gateway but for Masterpass, you may skip this section or maybe you can add a parameter there. You may enter an Order Number if you want to use it later in the conversation, or you can add a parameter here. Otherwise, we'll be assigning an order number for you.

Use Payment Action now to take payments from whichever channel your customers like.

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