How to Use Zapier Action

How to Use Zapier Action

Action usage

Zapier action is used when you want to integrate MindBehind with other famous platforms onlinei thanks to Zapier wide market. This action will send the current assistant state to Zapier for any custom further actions you want to do with that state.

A simple scenario will be storing all user messages inside a Google sheet. 

1. Go to and login with your credentials, and then click "Create Zap " button:


Type MindBehind and select it:

Login to MindBehind with your MindBehind credentials and click Continue button :

Select one of the companies in which you want to use Zapier integration inside:

Enter a name for your Zap and click Continue button:

During the trigger setup process, you may see the "Example of a success Conversation ID" field. You should follow these steps:

1) Go to

2) Select your assistant and go to your assistant map.

3) Click the "Preview" tab which is located left corner.

4) Start the conversation.

5) You can find the conversation id under the message bubble.

6) Copy and paste this conversation ID as "Example of a success conversation ID"

Click "Test&Find" Data button and after that, click Continue button :

Choose the Google Sheet app:

Choose Action Event and click Continue. Select Create Spreadsheet Row because you will add each message to a new row:

Select Google Sheets Account and click Continue. Set Google Account information. For the Row, select Message in Custom tab because you need to add user messages coming to the assistant to the spreadsheet:

Select also Message in the next field. After that, click the Continue button. Test your Zap and turn it on. 

Go and create a simple assistant that uses Zapier action. When you click Zapier action, you will see its menu on the right side. Click "refresh" button to make sure MindBehind fetches the last Zaps from Zapier:

After that, choose your zap, click the Save button at the top, and then click the Preview tab to test your zap:


Preview Example:

For instance, write a sample email address and choose Selection A.

After receiving the “ask a question” respond, send a “I wanna edit my order” message .

When you check your Google Sheet, you will be able to see the users' messages.


Details of Bot Action:  A successful conversation's conversationID can be found in the conversation analysis page.

Remark:  One Zap can be only used in one Zapier Module.


Zapier action is used to fire a Zap on Zapier side, sending the following parameters in the body of the message:

  • params: The current state params
  • lastIntent: The last intent the AI predicts for the user input
  • message: The last user message sent to the bot

    The flow will continue using the Zapier action connection.

    Defining a delay for this action will delay the call to the Zap endpoint concluding delays in the upcoming messages after the Zapier action.

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