MindBehind Live Frequently Asked Questions

MindBehind Live Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I log in on MindBehind Live? 

    You can register by clicking on the "Sign up now" button on the https://live.mindbehind.com/login site. After you register, you can log in on the first page that opens. 

  2. What languages does MindBehind Live support? How can I change the language preference? 

    You can use MindBehind Live in Turkish, English and German and Arabic. Language selection will appear on the home page. 

  3. Is there a mobile app? 

    MindBehind Live App is supported by all operating systems and it is available on App Store and Google Play. (see How to Use MindBehind Live Mobile App?).

  4. Can you transfer a conversation directly to the agent via the chatbot?

    The conversations are not transferred directly to the agent, but to the department and the online agent in that company (see How Can I Add a Department to My Company on MindBehind Live? ). 

  5. Will notifications come in for new conversations and messages?

    You will receive notifications on our web and mobile app for both new conversations and messages.

  6. Do admins and agents see the same page? 

    Admins can view all pages, while agents can only view the agent panel.

    How Can I Use the Admin Panel?
    MindBehind Live Agent Panel Details

  7. Can an agent see other agents’ conversations?
    An agent can only see their own conversations, while the admin can see all the conversations.
  8. Can an admin receive a conversation?
    The admin can receive a conversation by adding himself as an agent when needed.
  9. How many conversations can an agent receive at the same time?

    The admin determines the maximum number of conversations that agents can receive. This upper limit can be maximum 20.

  10. In what order are conversations assigned between agents? Are conversations balanced among agents?

    Conversations are distributed among agents who are online at the time. This distribution varies depending on the density and performance of the delegates. Here are the 3 main steps:

    1. Is there an online agent in the department, if any;
    2. Is the online agent's number of conversations full;
    3. After they are checked, the number of conversations received daily by agents is checked and the person with low conversations is assigned the speech.

11.  What information can we we learn about visitors?

You can see which app users are connecting to live support from. In this panel, if a visitor is connected from WhatsApp, the phone number will appear automatically (see Where Can I See Incoming Conversations in the Agent Panel?)

The other action you can take is to enter key-values such as first and last names in conversations in the agent panel information pane. This key value will then be released in conversations and reports from the same visitor (see What is the Agent Panel Information Pane?). 


12.  Is there a character limit on messages?

There is no character limit for both the customer and the delegate in the conversations.


13. Is there a blacklist for visitors?

There is no such application in our product at this time.




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