Parameters to use Shopify

Parameters to use Shopify

First of all, you need to add Shopify integration to your company.

‘Integration Name’ can be anything you want. And you can get ‘Store Url’ and ‘Access Token’ from Shopify.

Now you can use Shopify integration on your own bot with e-commerce module. Just click on the e-commerce module you see below.

You can select your Shopify integration with ‘E-commerce Gateway’ section.

Now you can select what you want with this module. There are action types:

Check User You can get informations of customer. Also, you can check user with phone number or e-mail. If user already exist, returns CUSTOMER_FOUND is 1 (true).

Also you can use these prefixes to retrieve customer information:

  • ECOMMERCE_CUSTOMER_NAME: returns customer name.
  • ECOMMERCE_CUSTOMER_SURNAME: returns customer surname.
  • ECOMMERCE_CUSTOMER_ID: returns customer id.

Fetch Address

You can retrieve information of address. Prefixes:

  • ADDRESS_FOUND: returns 1 if address exist.
  • ECOMMERCE_ADDRESS_ID: returns address id

List Orders

You can use it to list orders. Prefixes:

  • ORDER_FOUND : returns 1 if order exist
  • ECOMMERCE_ORDER_ID : returns order id

Get Order Detail

You can retrieve selected order details. Prefixes:

  • ECOMMERCE_ORDER_STATUS : returns order status
  • ECOMMERCE_ORDER_STATUS_URL : returns order status url

Delivery Status

You can retrieve delivery status and information about cargo. Prefixes:

  • ECOMMERCE_CARGO_NUMBER : returns cargo number
  • ECOMMERCE_CARGO_URL : returns cargo url

Fetch Product

You can fetch product with Product ID. Prefixes:

  • SHOPIFY_VARIANT_SELECTED : returns 1 if variant selected
  • SHOPIFY_SELECTED_VARIANT_ID : returns selected variant id

Add To Cart

You can add selected product to cart with Product ID. If variant selected you can use SHOPIFY_SELECTED_VARIANT_ID as Product ID. Check variant with SHOPIFY_VARIANT_SELECTED prefix. Prefixes:

  • ECOMMERCE_SELECTED_PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION : returns selected product description
  • ECOMMERCE_SELECTED_PRODUCT_PRICE : returns selected product price
  • PAYMENT_AMOUNT : returns total payment amount

Show Cart Products

You can see your own cart.

Clear Cart

You can clear your cart totally.

Create Order

You can create order with ECOMMERCE_ORDER_CODE.

Complete Order

You can complete order and you can see the result of order with these prefixes:

  • ECOMMERCE_ORDER_COMPLETED : returns 1 if order completed
  • PAYMENT_IS_SUCCESS : returns 1 if payment success
  • SHOPIFY_TRANSACTION_ID : returns transaction id

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