How to Publish your bot on Telegram

How to Publish your bot on Telegram


1- Create a bot using @botfather on Telegram

2- After creating the bot via botfather, take note of the bot username, bot name, and bot token.

Creating a bot using botfather

Step 1 – Search for the handle @botfather on telegram.

Step 2 – Use the /newbot command in chat (simply text botfather /newbot) and provide the required details until you receive the bot token.

Step 3 – Note the bot token, bot username, and bot name.

For more details:

Please click this link and login to your Telegram account with your phone number and the code Telegram sent to you. After that, you will reach your chat page. Please type "BotFather" in the search bar at the top of left side. You need to click verified BotFather account having blue checkmark.

Type /start and send this command. Then, you will see all commands for some actions within Telegram. You need to send the command /newbot to create a bot. After that, Telegram will ask you to set a bot name and user name for your bot. Once you complete these steps, Telegram will send a token to access HTTP API. Please copy it and paste to token field in MindBehind popup.

Setting up the bot:

  1. Go to MindBehind platform.

  1. Select “Companies” from the left side of the screen
  2. Choose the company that you have created and want to assign the bot to.

  1. Click on Channels.

  1. Click the Connect button for Telegram.

  1. Select Configurations.

  1. Add the bot name, bot username, and bot token noted earlier in step 3 of prerequisites.
  2. Press connect after entering all the values.

  1. After creating the channel, Go to the assistant from the company window(refer to step 3), if you do not have an assistant create one and then open the assistant.
  2. Right on the top click ‘Publish’.
  3. In section ‘Channels’ you can see your pages that you added.
  4. For the last step, please click the ‘Deployments’ section and press add deployment.
  5. Select your channel.
  6. Select the assistant version and press “Publish”.

Congratulations! Your assistant is running on your Telegram bot.

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