What Actions Can I Take on Conversations on MindBehind Live?

What Actions Can I Take on Conversations on MindBehind Live?

There are several actions that can be taken to handle the conversation easier and make it more personalized. 

These actions can be found on the buttom section of the conversation window. The action titles will be displayed by hovering over.

Use a Quick Reply

By clicking the Quick reply button, one of the quick answers can be added by their categories that are predefined by admins on company management page.

Forwarding conversations

By clicking the conversation forwarding icon, the relevant conversation can be forwarded to different agents or departments that are online.

Important note: In order for the conversation to be forwarded, the agent that this conversation will be forwarded to must be online.

Adding Files

With the attachment button, files on the computer can be added and sent to the conversation.

Information Button

By clicking the Information button, the conversation ID, the agent ID and agent name to which the conversation is assigned are displayed. In the History section, actions taken on the conversation can be viewed step by step.

Share Location

Agents can share their locations by clicking the location button.

Add Conversation Tags

Agents can assign tags to a conversation. These tags are predefined by admins on company management page.


Agents can add emojies by clicking emoji button.

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