What is the Wabiz ?

What is the Wabiz ?

What is the Wabiz ?

Wabiz API stands for Whatsapp Business. Wabiz allows us to receive notification to changes by user. For example, we could send you a notification  when a user sends you message or when a message template’s status has changed. This means that as you know, the message can be delivered, red, failed, invalid, Those all status I mentioned is notified to user by wabiz.

What is the Whatsapp Business ?

The Whatsapp Business Platform allows medium and large business to communicate with their customers at scale. Businesses can connect thousands of agents and bots to interact with customers programmatically and manually, the APIs can be integrated with numerous backend systems, such as CRM and marketing systems.

Business Assets

To send messages using the Whatsapp Business Platform you will need a name to be displayed in Whatsapp Messages seen by customers, a phone number associated with your business account, a Whatsapp Business Account, and a Meta Business Account.

Display Name

The display Name is the name of your businesses that is shown to customers in Whatsapp .

Meta Business Manager

A Meta Business Manager allows you to create message templates, organize and manage your business assets.

Phone Number

All Whatsapp Business Platform accounts rely on valid a phone number.

Whatsapp Business Account

A Whatsapp Business Account allows your business to use the Whatsapp Business platform to communicate directly with your customers. There are two types Whatsapp business account, the default business account, and an official business account.


We support two types of messages: user initiated messages and business-initiated messages can only be sent to a user who has opted-in to allow a business to send messages to them.

User Opt-In

In order to send a business-initiated Whatsapp message to a person, you must first receive opt-in permission confirming that they wish to receive future messages from you on Whatsapp. The opt-in must a clearly state that the person is opting in to receive messages from you over Whatsapp and clearly state your business’s name.


Notification let user to know something. We achieve knowledge about whatsapp message by Wabizapi. When any change to message, whatsapp notification let us to know.

Text Message Notification

The following examples represent a notification sent to you , when a user has sent you text message.

“Name of user”: “John”

“Phone: “+01 124 56 78”

“Time”: “05.01.2023”

“message”:”Hello everyone”

How to perform Whatsapp Business API?

Mindbehind has product that provides to manage notifications, which is named Whatsapp Portal. Whatsapp portal is a platform that to trace whatsapp notification and to send notifications. Our customers could send notifications on whatsapp, and then trace this notification’s situation on whatsapp-portal. Our customers could achieve analyse-report.

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