WhatsApp Business API: How to Migrate Your Phone From the Previous Service Provider?

WhatsApp Business API: How to Migrate Your Phone From the Previous Service Provider?

We as MindBehind are an official Business Solution Provider (BSP) for WhatsApp.
If your  WhatsApp Business API enabled phone number or your WhatsApp Business Account is already partnered with a different BSP, we can help you to change it and migrate your phone number so that we can serve as your BSP.

In order for us to be able to take necessary actions for migration, your phone number should be disconnected from your current BSP. You can reach out to them either via e-mail or by raising a ticket to ask them to disable the two step verification (2FA) for your number. Only then we'll be able to continue with the migration.

Once the 2FA is disabled there are only a few steps left for us to migrate your number and move on with the deployment: 

  1. You'll be receiving a 6-digit activation code from Facebook either via an SMS or a call. Please share the code with us so that we can move on with the migration.

Here, a 6-digit code will be sent to this phone number by Facebook via an SMS or call. Therefore, this phone number must be open for overseas* calls or SMS reception.

At the same time, if there is an IVR system connected to this phone number, it will not be able to be met on this system when the call arrives. To avoid this, you need to temporarily disable the IVR system or route calls from the United States to a phone number that you can temporarily access. When "Voice Call" is selected in the screenshot below, a call will come to this phone number and the code will be automatically read on the incoming call.**

*: Sent with US country code (+1, 1, 01, 001, 0001). Therefore, the phone number must be able to receive this call.

**: In this call, which will be "Your verification code is 123456", it is very important to get the 6-digit code correctly and note it.

  1. Once we successfuly applied the code, we'll deploy your phone number on your WhatsApp Business Account on your behalf. It will not take more than 3 days.
Congrats! You've migrated your phone number along with your BSP.

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