WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API

Currently, MindBehind has support for two types of WhatsApp accounts. On-Prem and Cloud API. Cloud API is a feature where Meta will be storing the WhatsApp account details and numbers, for user interested in using Cloud API number kindly register on the Inone panel and setup the new WhatsApp account on their panel as the WhatsApp registration process will be entirely handled on Inone panel.


  1. Please have access to an inone panel.
  2. Complete embedded signup on Inone panel to register a WhatsApp number on Cloud API.

After setting up the Inone account and registered WhatsApp panel, kindly follow the following steps to get required data.

  1. After loging in to the inone panel, the user should select the Experience tab from the left side of the screen and select WhatsApp.

  2. Select the Settings button on the right to enter the WhatsApp Settings page.

  3. Select the Integrations tab and you should be able to see the registered WhatsApp Business account number.

    Take note
    of the phone number seen in this page. It will be used as Registered WhatsApp Phone Number during channel creation. 

  4. On the top right side, select your account, then select settings in the drop down menu, and finally select Inone Settings.

  5. Select Integration Settings tab and scroll down.

  6. In the bottom half of integration settings we have to Select Generate API Key.

  7. Select Transaction WhatsApp and then press next.

  8. A new API key is created, please copy this API key.

This API key is important as it will be used as Whatsapp Cloud API key during channel creation.

      9. Provide Cloud API WebHook URL

User needs to visit Gachapon and select the partner name.

Note: Commerce toggle must be turned on for all cases where the Transactional use case is not used.

Visit Messaging Suite and paste webhook URL in the correct field, save. (Authorization needed to make change in Gachapon. Please contact with Product Team, if you can’t make changes)

Webhook URL: https://app.mindbehind.com/external/v1/whatsapp-cloud-api/incoming/9xxxxxxxxx (Write the phone number of channel without (+), with country code. Ex: 905342043232)

Setting up the bot:

  1. Go to MindBehind platform.

  2. Select “Companies” from the left side of the screen.

  3. Choose the company that you have created and want to assign the bot to.

  4. Click on Channels.

  5. Click the Connect button for WhatsApp Cloud API.

  6. Enter a Name for the WhatsApp Cloud API channel and include the required properties found in the prerequisites section under step 3 and 8.

    Note: After generating a Bearer Access Token please copy it, inform your account manager on inone portal to update the mindbehind webhook for receiving messages. The webhook will use the bearer access token and your registered phone number.
  7. Press connect after entering all the values.

  8. After creating the channel, Go to the assistant from the company window (refer to step 3), if you do not have an assistant create one and then open the assistant.

  9. Right on the top click ‘Publish’.
  10. In section ‘Channels’ you can see your pages that you added.

  11. For the last step, please click the ‘Deployments’ section and press add deployment.

  12. Select your channel.

  13. Select the assistant version and press “Publish”.

Congratulations! Your bot is running on your WhatsApp Cloud API account.


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