Which Action Types are Supported on Instagram Channel?

Which Action Types are Supported on Instagram Channel?

Message Action

Limitations & Button Details
Send Text Send Image Send Document Send Audio Send Video Send Template
Up to 1000 characters Up to 8 MB
jpeg, png
Up to 25 MB
acc, m4a, wav, mp4
Up to 25 MB,
mp4, ogg, avi, mov, webm

❌: Not supported

Selection Action

Here, there are 2 types of message action which Instagram supports. These are Send Quick Reply and Send Card. Send List and Sent Template formats are not supported.

Send Quick Reply

Limitations & Button Details
Prompt Message Number of Buttons Button Text Button Type Button Action Button Target
Up to 1000 characters Up to 13 buttons Up to 20 characters Only "Button" Up to 20 characters Target Module



Button Text: Each quick reply allows up to 20 characters before being truncated. Quick replies only support plain text. When a quick reply is tapped, the buttons are dismissed, and the title of the tapped button is posted to the conversation as a message. A messages event will be sent to your webhook that contains the button title and an optional payload. (Note: This feature is currently not available on desktop.)

Button Action: Once tapped, the text here will be displayed as if a private mesage being sent by user

It is advised to keep the button text and button action the same for simplicity and better understanding.

Send Card

Important: User can send up to 10 card messages in a selection module. Each card message can have up to 3 buttons.

Image Add Title Add Subtitle Add Text Add Button Button Text Button Types Button Action Button Target


Up to 8 MB jpg, png, ico, bmp.

Up to 80  characters


Up to 80  characters

Up to 3 buttons per card Up to 20 characters



Up to 1000 characters Target Module

*: If the user selects the link button they will be redirected to the link, but the conversation will not continue. Do not add a connecting module for link buttons.

File URL: If the user uploads an image, this will be filled automatically. It's possible to upload an URL only as well, but it must follow the limitations for Image Upload.

GIFs are not supported on Instagram. 
Stickers will soon be available on MindBehind.

Please check the  documentation by Facebook for further details regarding card messages by clicking here.

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